Dongfeng truck crane structure

Dongfeng truck cranes are generally composed of truck chassis, cargo boxes, power take-off devices, hydraulic devices, and cranes. The cranes are fixed on the car beams.

The crane mainly consists of booms, hoisting mechanisms, luffing cylinders, slewing gears, outrigger cylinders, fuel injectors, hydraulic systems, safety devices, hook assemblies, and beams, columns, and other structural components. Among them, the telescopic mechanism (the extension and retraction of the boom, the horizontal and vertical telescoping of the front and rear legs), the hoisting mechanism (construction of a hoist motor, a reduction gear box, a reel, etc., and the lifting and lowering operation of a heavy object), and the amplitude changing mechanism (It is driven by one or two front double-acting cylinders) and a slewing mechanism (a reduction gear box and a hydraulic motor that completes a 360° full swing motion) are the core of the whole vehicle's lifting function.

The hydraulic system plays a vital role in the operation of all institutions. The key components of the hydraulic system include the main hydraulic pump, main control valve, outrigger operated valve, main and auxiliary winches, and rotary speed reducer. The main hydraulic pump consists of Driven by the chassis engine, the main control valve controls the slewing, telescopic, luffing and hoisting operations, respectively, and the outrigger operating valve controls the outriggers simultaneously or individually through the single or both side levers of the chassis.

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Solder Ring Copper Fittings

To obtain perfect joins, inside of the solder ring copper fitting and the outside of the copper pipe are cleaned using coarse steel wool, flux paste is applied, the pipe is then inserted into the fitting and heat applied from a portable propane torch until a ring of solder shows at the edges of the fitting. Sizes we have available are from 8mm to 54mm For EN1254-1 and 1/2" to 2" for ASME B16.22 ,solder ring Copper Fittings,presolder copper fittings,yorkshire copper fittings,pegler copper fittings,connex copper fittings

solder ring copper fittings,presolder copper fittings,yorkshire copper fittings,pegler copper fittings,connex copper fittings

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