Wrecker maintenance and maintenance


The wrecker is mainly composed of: chassis, lifting device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, body and tool box, etc. It is equipped with many functions such as lifting, pulling and pulling, etc., suitable for high speed Road and urban road repair operations.

The use of wreckers Wreckers are special construction vehicles designed to ensure the smooth flow of roads. They are important equipment for traffic management in busy urban areas and highways. It can quickly, timely and safely clear accidents, breakdowns, illegal vehicles on roads, and special vehicles to divert road traffic.

First, the wrecker is divided into four categories: a lifting and detaching wrecker, a lifting and unloading wrecker, a flat wrecker, and an ordinary type. Among them, the lifting and separating type wrecker includes two types of jib rotary wrecker and non-rotating wrecker.

Second, people often say that the 3 tons of wreckers, 5 tons of wreckers, 8 tons of wreckers, 20 tons of wreckers and other specifications of wreckers, in fact, refers to the kind of wrecker chassis The level of carrying capacity. It has a certain relationship with the total mass of the towed vehicle, but there is no inevitable connection. The larger the tonnage, the wrecker's operating capacity is correspondingly larger.

Third, when wreckers are to be towed (drag) vehicles away from the site, they are generally supported and dragged. Support is to use the support arm of the wrecker to be lifted and pulled by the trolley. Dragging, that is, people often say hard drag, is the use of the wrecker will be hard to pull the trailer to drive.

Among them, the care of the wrecker must meet the following two conditions.

1. The lifting weight of the supporting arm is not more than the lifting weight of the wrecker, and the lifting weight of the lifting arm gradually decreases as the supporting arm lengthens.

2. The quality of the rated care must not exceed its maximum total mass. That is to say, the total mass of the vehicles that are taken care of must not exceed the maximum total mass of the wrecker. For example, in the 5140TQZ wrecker, the total mass of the vehicle that is being held is not to exceed 14 tons at first, and the weight of the lifting point of the care arm is also considered to be within the rated lifting mass range. Wrestling ability of wreckers is related to the maximum total mass of the wrecker and engine power. Article 3.6 of GB7258 “Technical Conditions for Operational Safety of Motor Vehicles” stipulates that the specific power of motor vehicles shall not be less than 4.8 kW/t, and the dragging and pulling capacity of the wrecker must meet this requirement.

For example, for a 5140TQZ wrecker, the maximum gross mass G is 14000kg, and the engine power is 132kW. Then the dragging quality G* of the wrecker must meet: G+G*≤132/4.8X1000, that is, G*≤ 13500 kg. From the above results, it can be seen that due to the matching of the bearing and the engine when considering the design of the chassis, the refitted wrecker has the same dragging and pulling capabilities. For safety, it should be used according to this regulation.

Fourth, the use of the car's operation methods, precautions, etc., are used and the service life of the wrecker is extended.

The market of wreckers With the rapid development of China's economy, the construction of highways has progressed by leaps and bounds, and the mileage has continuously increased. China's “five vertical and seven horizontal” highway main lines will be basically completed.

The available wreckers are difficult to complete and remove obstacles, which seriously affect traffic. A wrecker manufacturer hopes to solve this problem by increasing the tonnage of the chassis. However, the ability to raise the holding capacity is limited, and the vehicle price increases several times, affecting the economic efficiency of users. Therefore, the market calls for wreckers with large lifting capacity and support.

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