How to choose the right garbage truck

How to properly choose garbage trucks There are many large and small garbage truck manufacturers in China, but there are not many scales and strengths. Garbage trucks are used as tool vehicles and have a high utilization rate. Please pay attention to the following points when purchasing vehicles:
First, select the company.
Before purchasing garbage trucks, users should choose a well-known and guaranteed special steam company. The company’s product quality is excellent and after-sales service is guaranteed.
Since most users are not very familiar with the use and maintenance of garbage trucks, it is necessary for manufacturers to provide after-sales services in a timely manner to assist users in increasing the attendance rate of the vehicle and extending the service life of the vehicle.
Second, choose the configuration.
Different cleaning environment, the configuration requirements for garbage trucks are not the same. The same garbage disposal and transportation, garbage truck configuration is also different:
1. Swing arm type garbage truck and pull arm type garbage truck. These two types of garbage trucks are similar in structure. Both of these models are suitable for use in the city's garbage transfer stations, residential areas, schools and other places, and are convenient and quick.
2, hanging bucket garbage truck, also called self-loading garbage truck. The entire operation of the driver is completely completed in the cab and is highly efficient. It is usually used for the collection and use of rubbish in trash bins on both sides of the street.
3. Compressed garbage trucks, docking garbage trucks and sealed garbage trucks are mainly focused on the transport of garbage. These garbage trucks are characterized by large loading volumes, good sealing properties, and easy collection and dumping. The most extensive The use of this system is to carry out bulk transport of garbage in garbage collection stations and transport the garbage to designated garbage disposal sites.
The three selected prices should be based on the need to select the most cost-effective garbage truck.
The specific price can refer to the official website of ChengLi Special Auto IV. Note whether the model garbage truck is on the "Announcement"
As the state implements "Notice" management, 3C compulsory certification, and environmental declaration management system for automobiles, some provinces and cities also have local environmental protection declaration management. If a certain type of garbage truck fails to pass the above procedure, it means that the vehicle cannot be put into use yet, and the vehicle management office will not accept related matters of the vehicle.
V. Inspection: Be sure to check carefully when delivering the car
1. Check whether the exterior of the garbage truck is damaged and whether the assembly of each component complies with the specifications.
2. Check whether the garbage truck chassis number and the engine number are in line with the model nameplate (the long head vehicle is behind the right door of the cab, and the flat head truck is in the lower frame of the left door of the cab).
The calibration accords with whether the chassis number, the engine number, and the vehicle model marked with the product certification are consistent.
3. Check whether the seal of the garbage cart or the speed limit screw is complete. For diesel vehicles, check the integrity of the high-pressure pump seals, including checking the oil level adjustment bolts, high-speed limit adjustment bolts, and adjusting bolts for the 6BT118 diesel engines that need to be filled with oil pump compensators.
4. When the vehicle is running, check whether the lights of the car, operating switches, instruments, horns, wipers, clutches, engines, transmissions, steering, transmission, and brake systems are used properly.
5. Parking check. After the garbage truck travels a certain distance, stop to inspect the brake drum, hub, transmission shell, rear axle shell, etc. There should be no overheating; there should be no four leaks (leakage, oil leakage, leakage and leakage) in all parts.
Phenomenon; Once the hot car is stopped, it can start once.
6 should carefully check the garbage truck with tools, instructions, quality warranty card, as well as the vehicle should be equipped with various types of equipment plus spare tires, fire extinguishers, etc. are complete.
I hope that the above information will give you a clear direction to buy a garbage truck. I hope you can buy a satisfactory garbage truck!
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