"Unmanned driving" came to the agricultural machinery automation development into the fast lane

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] As drones and driverless cars gradually enter our field of vision, I wonder if you have imagined the application of driverless in the agricultural field? Is it not far in the future, farmers friends only need to drink tea in Tiantou, move their fingers on the remote control terminal, the agricultural machinery can help them plow the ground, broadcast the seeds, and take back the crops?

"Unmanned driving" came to the agricultural machinery automation development into the fast lane
“Unmanned” agricultural machinery has entered the field
Such a scene seemed to be more sci-fi a few years ago, but in fact, when the secondary industry and the tertiary industry accelerated into the fast lane of high technology, the agricultural machinery gradually realized "unmanned driving" on the high-tech road. ".
So, how does the agricultural machinery achieve “unmanned driving”? From the appearance point of view, in addition to the antenna on the top of the machine, there is no obvious difference between the unmanned agricultural machine and the ordinary agricultural machine. But in the internal system, the unmanned agricultural machine combines the electro-hydraulic steering solution and the automatic navigation system (Beidou, GPS, etc.), adding sensors and controllers to the traditional hydraulic steering system, so that it can receive from the automatic Command input for the navigation system. Before the cultivation, the operator inputs the operating parameters such as the area of ​​the cultivation and the thickness of the soil into the navigation system. After receiving the signal, the antenna can guide the agricultural machine into the automatic operation mode through the navigation system, and carry out the cultivation according to the planned route through the electronic control valve group.
According to the agricultural machine operator, the advantage of this unmanned agricultural machine is that it can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, which can greatly improve the efficiency and labor efficiency of agricultural machinery. In addition, the unmanned agricultural machine can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the driver, improve the accuracy of the operation, reduce the waste of land, seeds and fertilizer caused by improper operation of the driver, and reduce the production cost.
Nowadays, this unmanned agricultural machine has begun to operate in the fields of Beijing, Northeast China, Xinjiang and other places. The scope of application is expanding and the technology is becoming more mature.
Hydraulic steering system is the key to “unmanned” agricultural machinery
“In foreign countries, unmanned agricultural machinery has been put into use many years ago, and Eaton is one of the pioneers in this field. As early as around 2000, John Deere, the world’s leading agricultural machinery manufacturer, began to use Eaton’s R&D. "Automatic navigation equipment." Li Jun, Director of Applied Technology, Asia Pacific, Eaton Hydraulics Group, said: "In China, unmanned agricultural machinery is more inclined to the aftermarket, and the existing agricultural machinery is installed to make it unmanned. Function. However, with the development of automated machinery in recent years, the development of the pre-installation market is also very rapid. We have already had successful cooperation cases with well-known domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers."
Eaton offers two different types of electro-hydraulic steering solutions in China. One is a separate solution for the aftermarket. The steering gear, control valve group and controller in the solution are arranged independently of each other, which can flexibly arrange the space and match the installation space of the original agricultural machine. The other is an integrated solution for the pre-installed market. This solution allows the steering and control manifolds to be customized and integrated according to the needs of the original equipment manufacturer, saving more installation space and piping connections.
Eaton’s electrical and hydraulic businesses are globally leading, and after years of development, the technology in electro-hydraulic solutions is very mature and has accumulated a wealth of application experience. After entering China, in order to better serve the Chinese market, Eaton is actively localizing. Now it has realized the customized design of local customers and localized production, which can significantly shorten the delivery time and achieve cost control. Eaton localized Xcel or BZZ series steering gears and control valve groups are widely used in this field; in terms of service, Eaton can provide fast on-site service and respond to customer needs in time. These advantages provide a strong guarantee for Eaton’s development in the Chinese market, making Eaton a trusted partner for many manufacturers.
"Unmanned" agricultural machinery has broad development space
By 2050, the global population is expected to reach 9.1 billion, when food production needs to increase by 70%. On the other hand, with the advancement of large-scale urbanization, the area of ​​cultivated land and agricultural labor are decreasing, which makes it imperative to improve the automation of agricultural mechanization. Today, China's agricultural machinery and equipment is listed as the 10 key development areas of "Made in China 2025". With the favorable policies, the development of agricultural machinery automation will also enter the fast lane. In some areas, farmers who install satellite navigation autopilot systems can even get corresponding government funding subsidies, so that farmers can use automated agricultural machinery for a small fee, thus promoting the popularization of automated agricultural machinery.
Li Jun, Director of Applied Technology, Asia Pacific, Eaton Hydraulics, added: “In fact, it’s easier to work on unmanned agricultural vehicles in open fields than in the unattended cars that are of concern. Realization. The agricultural machinery automatic driving system can be used for agricultural machinery operations such as land ploughing, hoeing, rotary tillage, ridge, sowing, spraying, harvesting, etc., which is greatly improved than manual labor, and is an important aspect of realizing agriculture. The emergence of unmanned agricultural machinery And development will inevitably bring about earth-shaking changes in the life of farmers and the development of agriculture."

(Original title: "Unmanned" agricultural machinery promotes the agricultural intelligent revolution)

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