Automatic sprinkler system is an effective initial fire remedy firefighting facility. What are the common problems?

Automatic spraying system is the most commonly used automatic fire extinguishing facility in China. It is installed in a large number of buildings in public gathering places. The automatic sprinkler system is very effective for fighting the initial fire in no one's case. It is extremely effective and greatly improved. The safety performance. It is of great significance to ensure that the automatic sprinkler system is intact and effective.
The widespread problems with sprinkler systems:
1, automatic sprinkler system fire water pressure is low, can not meet the pressure requirements of the sprinkler system; some sprinkler system without regulator equipment, can not meet the water pressure needs of higher floors.
2. The spray pump is not connected to the fire distribution line, or there is no backup pump, and some fire water sources cannot meet the water level requirements of the spray pump.
3, the alarm valve group does not indicate the name of the system and the sign of the protection area, the water flow indicator has no sign,
4. The corrosion and water seepage of the spraying system pipelines are not marked with red and white; the nameplates of pipelines and valves are not repaired and marked.
5. Failure to adhere to regular end-drainage tests, or no test data. Some floor systems have no end discharge pipes and some have no drainage facilities.
6, the nozzle is blocked, the valve corrosion, pipeline leakage can not be maintained.

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