Microwave Dryer Maximizes Effective Medication Composition

Microwave refers to electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHz. The microwave dryer is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for its advantages of high efficiency, no energy consumption, uniform heating, and clean production. The microwave medicine drying machine can retain the effective drug ingredients in the medicinal materials to the utmost extent, and can also kill various molds and eggs in the medicinal materials to prevent mildew and insect infestation during storage.

It is understood that microwave heating is to make the heated object itself become a heating element, called the overall heating method, does not require the process of heat conduction, so it can reach even heating in a short time. This feature allows the material with poor heat conduction to be heated and dried in a short time, the energy utilization rate is improved, and the size of the heating furnace can also be made smaller than the conventional heating furnace. At the same time, when the material under the microwave electromagnetic field, the overall temperature of the material rises. At this point, due to evaporation of moisture on the surface of the material, the surface temperature decreases, resulting in a high temperature gradient inside and outside, the direction of this gradient just in line with the direction of moisture evaporation. Therefore, high efficiency and good effect!

Dry sterilization is an essential procedure in pharmaceutical production. However, traditional drying and sterilizing methods have been used for high-temperature drying and sterilization of boilers. This method occupies more manpower and cannot achieve automated production. It is time-consuming and laborious. It generates waste gas and pollutes the environment. After the high-temperature treatment, the medicine cannot maintain its original composition. The microwave dryer effectively solves this problem, and the microwave's unique penetrating and hi water determines the many advantages of microwave drying.

Through years of efforts, the level of development and production of microwave dryers in China has been greatly improved. Design has become more reasonable, quality has been improved, costs have been gradually reduced, and automation and after-sales services have improved. Users of microwave drying equipment have seen an accelerated growth in recent years. Such as Shandong Liwei Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. R & D and production of microwave dryer with high efficiency, no energy consumption, uniform heating, drying speed, safety and environmental protection, small footprint, simple operation, easy control and so on.

The microwave drying sterilization equipment belongs to non-standard customized machinery. The design of the microwave equipment produced by Liwei Company is based on the shape of the material, the size of the material, the moisture content (initial moisture content, final moisture content), or the bacteria content ((initial bacterial content) , The final bacteria-containing rate)) and the temperature resistance characteristics of the product, the moisture gradient of the material, and the microwave characteristics of the material, ie its dielectric constant, were designed. First, the company's technicians performed parameter simulation tests at their own experimental centers to determine the process parameters, select a reasonable structural form, calculate the microwave power distribution, and determine the removal of 10,000-difficult moisture. Make sure that the microwave energy can be used optimally to produce high-quality products.

Taking traditional Chinese medicine as an example, the traditional medicine drying machine uses coal as fuel for combustion to generate clean hot air as a drying medium to absorb the moisture in the Chinese medicine, drain out the moist air that reaches a certain amount of moisture, and circulate back and forth to reach the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Required moisture. The characteristics are time-consuming, laborious, unable to fully meet the requirements for medicinal drying, and poor sterilizing properties, coupled with the use of coal as fuel to pollute the environment. Therefore, the emergence of new process technology becomes extremely necessary. The appearance of microwave technology satisfactorily met the requirements for drying and drying medicinal herbs, and coincided with the prevailing theme of environmental protection.

Compared with the traditional drying method, the microwave dryer has the advantages of large drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy realization of automatic control and improvement of product quality, etc. Therefore, it is increasingly emphasized in various fields of drying. . As far back as the 1960s, foreign countries have conducted extensive research on the application and theory of microwave drying technology, and have further developed in recent decades. The research of microwave drying technology in our country started relatively late and still has a certain gap compared with foreign countries. However, with the continuous progress of our country's technology and the constant efforts of related companies, the field of microwave dryers has also achieved good results. The more research and application results begin to emerge.
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