Coal heat measuring device requirements for laboratories

Coal heat measuring device requirements for laboratories What are the requirements of the coal calorie measurement equipment for the laboratory? The determination of the calorific value of coal is a particularly important indicator in the analysis and analysis of coal. The calorific value of all coals is more stringent for coal.

(1) The thermal chamber in the coal laboratory shall be used as a dedicated chamber for measuring calorific value, and no other test work shall be conducted indoors;

(2) Curtains should be provided indoors to avoid direct sunlight;

(3) It is advisable that the change of temperature does not exceed 1°C at each measurement; the difference between room temperature in winter and summer should not exceed 15 to 30°C. Therefore, conditions should be prepared air-conditioning equipment;

(4) When measuring the calorific value of coal, strong ventilation and heat radiation should be avoided indoors. In short, in order to reduce the influence of environmental conditions on the calorimetric measurement results, the calorific value measurement chamber should be kept as relatively constant as possible at room temperature. The calorific value must not be measured when the room temperature is not constant.

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