Thousands of cars seized more than 1600 vehicles to receive orders AUMAN EST promoted to heavy truck network red

1291 cars were set on site and 352 cars were booked online. On the same day of the first batch of 1,000 delivery vehicles, the Auman EST Super Trucks set 1,643 vehicles; the Foton Daimler car had good products, good policies, and online and offline interactions. Innovative marketing methods to create a super hot legend!

Auman EST Super Trucks locates the high-end logistics market. It is a Foton Daimler vehicle benchmarking "U.S. Super Truck" and "Europe Future Truck". It integrates Germany's Daimler vehicle and power technology and joins Cummins, ZF, and Wei. The members of the Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance, including Boko, Continental Electronics, and Knorr-Bremse, have adopted a brand-new platform modular design, which lasted four years of European standard R&D, 10 million kilometers of actual road tests, and were geared to express delivery, cold chain, hazardous chemicals, A super-smart, super fuel-efficient, super-safe, super-efficient super truck built by punctual, efficient, long-distance, high-value-added logistics users such as high-value-added daily-use industrial products.

It is reported that the Auman EST super truck matches the Cummins X12 super smart power that Cummins built exclusively for super trucks. It uses ZF’s all-new TraXon automatic transmission, hydraulic retarder, air suspension, and i-Telligent intelligent electronic control. The high-end configuration of the system includes the super-long truck maintenance of 100,000 kilometers, 200,000-kilometer oil change intervals for gearboxes, the 500,000-kilometer oil change cycle at Konmai, and the super truck quality of 1.5 million kilometers B10 for the entire vehicle.

In order to celebrate the listing of the Super Truck, Foton Daimler Automotive launched a sales policy of 50 million Hao Li for car users; it involved 30% down payment for 2 years zero interest rate car purchase, 6,000 yuan used car replacement subsidy, 4 year and half price recovery; buy 10 Euro Man EST-A super truck, send 1 set of Omar; 1 million kilometers of car service, 1 million kilometers of engine maintenance service, 1 million kilometers of engine free warranty, 1 year 1 million cargo insurance; 200,000 kilometers of whole Car free maintenance; the first one million kilometers presented a Auman EST-A super truck and other more than 20 attractive sales policies, set off the rush to buy the AUMAN EST super trucks.

Good car, good policy brings good start. The first batch of 1000 Auman EST super truck delivery activities also reaped a sales success of 1,643 units; Auman EST Super Truck opened the hot-selling model, and continued to write a hot-selling heavy truck legend.


SYC Tractor disc is Clutch Disc for Massey Ferguson and Fiat tractor.

Such as MF-240, MF-375, Fiat 480, MF-240 PTO, MF-385, Fiat 640, MF-285, etc.

SYC Clutch Disc is made of good quality clutch facing, forging hub and OEM material, using original appearance technology and heat treatment.

Tractor Clutch Disc

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