Screening machinery commonly used in mineral processing plants

  Many beneficiation plant commonly used screening machinery type, are the following:

1. Fixed screening machine

1 ) Fixed sieve     It is installed in the upper part of the original mine bin to ensure the proper feeding of the coarse crusher. The large pieces of the sieve are mostly broken by hand and sieved. General level installation.

2 ) Fixed strip screen     It is often used for pre-screening before coarse and medium crushing. Generally inclined installation, the inclination angle is 40 ~ 50 °, to ensure that the material automatically slides along the screen surface. For large ore, the dip angle can be slightly smaller, while the dip angle for the viscous ore should be slightly increased. The size of the sieve is also about 1.1 to 1.2 times the size of the sieve to be sieved, and the general sieve size is not less than 50 mm. Because the fixed strip sieve flows by the weight of the ore, the layering is not good, it is easy to block, and the screening efficiency is low, generally only 50 to 60% .

3 ) Solitary sieve    The screen surface of the solitary sieve is a solitary with a certain curvature, and the sieve surface is composed of strips. The difference from the general sieve is that the grid is installed perpendicular to the flow direction of the material. The solitary sieve is used for wet screening of fine-grained materials, and the treatment range is from -6 to +0.1 mm, which is too coarse and too fine. The advantage of the solitary sieve is that the structure is simple, the floor space can be used for the screening of fine material. The disadvantage is that the screen is easy to wear and easy to block.

2. Sports screening machinery

In order to make the material layer well on the screen surface to improve the screening efficiency and the screening productivity, a sports screening machine is widely used in production. According to the trajectory characteristics of the mechanism for moving the sieve and the motion of the sieve, it is divided into an eccentric vibrating screen, an inertial vibrating screen, a self-centering vibrating screen, a linear vibrating screen, a resonance screen and a cylindrical screen. Self-centering vibrating screens and resonant screens have been widely used in concentrators because of their high productivity and screening efficiency, low power consumption and wide application.

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