Learn the principle of large-screen backlight LCD

LCD large-screen backlight LCD display, parameter setting, clear and intuitive observation; operation interface encryption lock function, eliminate duplicate operations and human error;
2.PID microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, precise temperature control;
3. With timing function: 0-999.9 hours to set the culture time;
4. Three-dimensional integrated partial three-wheel drive, running smooth, stable, durable and reliable;
5. Quiet fan design and forced convection mode ensure good constant temperature effect;
6. With power failure recovery function, to avoid data loss caused by blackouts, crashes;
7. With over-temperature alarm function and abnormal situation automatic power-off function;
8. The hollow toughened glass door is convenient to observe the inside of the cabinet at various angles without opening the door at any time;
9. Streamlined appearance, the use of mirror-surface stainless steel, anti-corrosion; shell electrostatic spray;
Second, the unique performance
1. Select imported high-quality compressors, non-fluorine-environmental refrigerants, low noise, good cooling effect, ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment at low temperatures (ZQTY-70F only);
2. Humanized design of the function of opening and closing the lid, which is more safe and convenient to use;
3.Professional design of lateral vents to meet the oxygen demand of the sample;
4. Equipped with high-quality servo motor, precise control speed, high speed performance and strong stability;
5. With UV sterilization function.
Third, technical indicators
Product Name Desktop Constant Temperature Incubator Incubator Desktop Full Temperature Oscillation Incubator Model ZHTY-70S ZQTY-70S Oscillation Frequency 10-400rpm Oscillation Frequency Accuracy ±1rpm Oscillation Plate Amplitude Ф20mm (Standard), Ф26mm (Optional) Temperature Control Range Room Temperature +5~ 60°C 4~60°C Temperature Adjustment Accuracy±0.1°C Temperature Uniformity±1°C(at37°C) Display Mode LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) Convection Mode Forced Convection Control Mode PID Microcomputer Intelligent Control Maximum Capacity 250ml×30 or 500ml×20 1000ml×12 Timing Range 0-999.9 Hours Rocker Size (Length×Width) 518mm×424mm Standard Configuration Universal Grip (Optional Fixture) Power AC220±10%50~60Hz Overall Dimensions (Length×Width×Height) 858mm× 667mm×505mm Weight 70kg 80kg

Instead of concrete floor, steel deck resists the vertical loading associated with the weight of the concrete and the construction loads. Based on the needs, we developed floor decking roll forming machine to make the production of floor deck in a huge production. For this kind of machine, the working speed could reach 25m/min and the thickness from 1-3mm.Our company also have Closed Floor Decking Forming Machine,Triple Floor Decking Forming Machine.

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

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