Do you know about the megapixel lens?

SLR refers to single lens reflex, ie slr (single lens reflex). In this system, the unique design of the mirror and prism allows the photographer to directly view the image through the lens from the viewfinder. As can be seen from the structure of the single-lens reflex camera, after the light reaches the mirror through the lens, it is refracted to the upper focusing screen and formed into an image. Through the eyepiece and the pentaprism, we can see the outside in the viewing window. Scenery. When shooting, when the shutter button is pressed, the mirror will pop up, the shutter curtain in front of the film will open at the same time, the light (image) through the lens will be projected onto the film to make the film sensitive, and then the mirror will resume immediately. In the original state, the image can be seen again in the viewing window. This configuration of the single-lens reflex camera determines that it is completely shot through the lens, which makes the image seen in the viewing window and the film always the same, and its viewing range is basically the same as the actual shooting range. The parallax phenomenon of the rangefinder camera is eliminated, and from the perspective of learning photography, it is very advantageous to intuitively compose the composition. Another great feature of single-lens reflex cameras is the ability to interchange lenses of different sizes.
What are the characteristics of a megapixel lens?
Sharpness difference
The use of aspherical lenses reduces aberrations and achieves a miniaturized design while improving clarity relative to ordinary lenses. With special optical design techniques, high image resolution and high contrast are achieved from image center to peripheral image quality. The picture is about 2.5 times more resolution than the traditional lens, and it guarantees high image quality even when the image is cut or enlarged.
Spectral transmission capacity difference
The spectral transmission capability of the lens also contributes to the improvement of picture clarity. The transmission of wide-frequency light will greatly increase the amount of light received by the camera's target surface. It enhances the contrast and brightness of the picture and enriches the details of the picture.
Difference in spectral correction ability
Only the transmission capability of a broad spectrum is far from enough for high-definition imaging. If the spectral correction ability of the lens is insufficient, it will cause some wavelengths of light to be not accurately imaged on the target surface of the camera, resulting in the creation of a virtual image. This technique is not possible with ordinary lenses through coating.
With the popularity of high-definition cameras, more and more systems require the access of high-definition lenses. All major lens manufacturers have introduced high-definition products with different focal lengths, giving users more choices. With the application of ED lenses, auto focus and other functions in high-definition lenses, the difference between high-definition motorized zoom lenses and standard-definition products is getting smaller and smaller. The future trend will be the integration of products, HD products will gradually replace the existing standard definition products, and become the mainstream of the market.

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