What are the identification methods of the gates?

Since the development of the gate, the identification methods used include: swiping cards (including magnetic cards, ID cards, IC cards, various special-shaped cards, etc.), document scanning (ID card, passport, military officer's card, etc.), barcode/QR code, biological Identification (fingerprint, iris, face), etc.
The card, the card, the barcode/two-dimensional code are characterized by the recognition mode, which only recognizes the card, the card, the code, and does not recognize the person.
Advantages: fast recognition speed and high success rate, so the speed is fast
Disadvantages: If the pedestrian forgets or loses the card/certificate/code, there is no permission for access. Moreover, this method does not identify the person itself, and cannot guarantee that the card/certificate/code is consistent with the person, and the card/certificate/code is also It may be stolen, and these have great security risks for management.
The biometric identification of fingerprints and irises is characterized by the identification of the biometric characteristics of the passing person, and the reliability is relatively high.
Advantages: Relative card/certificate/code identification, eliminating the hassle of carrying these external media
Disadvantages: fingerprint and iris collection are easier, and there is a greater possibility of being disguised, so there are certain use loopholes. And pass requires pedestrians to cooperate to verify.
The face recognition method uses visible light to obtain facial image information. When the pedestrian moves, the camera can actively capture the facial information of the pedestrian and quickly identify the pedestrian's traffic authority.
Advantages: I can verify when I am present. There is no mandatory, no need to actively cooperate, no contact, and it is difficult to disguise the face.
Different types of gates are used in different ways of identification. Some use separate identification methods, and some use multiple combinations. For example, the common use of subway gates is credit card identification. The customs passage gates use three-in-one identification of faces, documents and fingerprints.


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