Application of Germination Box in Detection of Seed Germination Rate

The use of high germination seeds for production is an important measure to ensure the safety and efficiency of agricultural production. Therefore, the detection of seed germination rate is one of the key items in seed quality inspection. In order to carry out the determination of the seed germination rate in an efficient and scientific manner, it is common for the plant or the inspection institution to carry out the experiment using the germination box , and the germination rate is calculated according to the experimental results. The germination box creates conditions for seed germination, which not only improves efficiency but also improves accuracy. It is one of the important equipments in seed testing.

Although the germination rate is related to many factors, such as climate factors, seed collection methods, storage methods, etc., most of the external factors can be avoided by the specification, and only the quality factors of the seeds themselves cannot be avoided, so in order to improve production Quality, before sowing, requires a variety of quality testing, including germination rate testing. The germination rate test is actually to use the conditions of temperature and humidity required to create seed germination in the germination box, and then observe the germination performance of a batch of seeds through experiments for a certain period of time, and then count the percentage of the total germinated seeds in the total number. Germination rate. The germination box plays an important role in this inspection work and is an important equipment to ensure the smooth, efficient and fair implementation of the testing experiment.

At present, with the continuous improvement of seed quality requirements for agricultural development, the level requirements for seed testing are also constantly increasing. Therefore, seed detection instruments such as germination boxes are increasingly used in various fields. The application of these scientific instruments not only improves the detection level, but also ensures the efficiency and standardization of the inspection work. In addition, it also improves the quality of the seeds to a certain extent, ensures the safety of agricultural seeds, and is safe for food production and agriculture. Stable development is of great significance.

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