Noise problems in ball mill production and corresponding countermeasures

Ball mill noise is one of the common problems in the work of ball mills. It will have a great impact on people's health and production activities. We need to find reasonable countermeasures to make the ball mill work better.

Ball mill noise cause

First, the noise generated by the cylinder: when the ball mill is working, the noise generated by the collision between the steel ball and the cylinder, the steel ball and the steel ball;

Second, the noise generated by the motor and other ancillary equipment: electromagnetic noise generated when the motor is working, and airflow noise generated by the fan;

Ball mill noise hazard

First, the harm to the staff: long-term work in the ball mill noise will affect the hearing, resulting in tinnitus, and serious neurasthenia;

Second, the impact on the working environment: ball mill noise will deteriorate the working environment, hinder the communication of staff, and at the same time easy to fatigue workers, reduce work efficiency;

Third, the impact on safety: When the ball mill has problems, due to the impact of noise will make us not notice, resulting in safety problems, resulting in personal injury.

Ball mill noise prevention measures

A rubber lining instead of manganese steel backing: cushion rubber may noise effect, reduce noise, improve the working environment;

Second, set the sound insulation room or sound insulation cover: the ball mill is isolated from the outside world, blocking the external transmission of noise, reducing the radiation noise of the cylinder;

Third, the sound insulation material is wrapped: some of the sound insulation material is used to wrap the barrel of the ball mill to reduce the noise of the cylinder.

Meanwhile beneficiation plant in the face of the ball mill noise problems, should address the issue, actively reduce the ball mill noise improve work efficiency, thereby enhancing the processing plant economic benefits.

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