Trinity 26-ton hydraulic roller advanced technology to meet your pursuit of perfection

According to information from the Ministry of Communications, the mileage of highways to be opened in 2018 will be 5,000 kilometers.

The rapid development of the expressway has also promoted the continuous rise of demand for pavement equipment. By virtue of this warm wind, Sany also took advantage of the situation and developed a 31-ton full-oil hydraulic road roller SSR260AC-8.

This roller is tailored for special conditions such as high speeds and dams. It has surpassed other brands in less than one year and has become the crown-pinning product for all-hydraulic single drum rollers at the same tonnage. To win the championship, there is always the strength that cannot be achieved, so that the sophisticated technology can satisfy your pursuit of perfection.


Hydraulic system fully upgraded

In addition to the Weichai 147kW high-power engine, Sany fully hydraulic SSR260AC-8 achieves an efficiency improvement of 16.7% over competitive brands. The hydraulic system is fully upgraded. The displacement of the driving pump is increased by 31%, the speed is faster, and the gradeability is improved. Strong, fast speeds make other devices of the same type out of reach.


Structural elements are further strengthened to make the power more powerful

The Trinity Hydraulic Press employs a closed vibratory hydraulic system to drive the vibration of the drum. At the same time, the steel wheel is used as the main work tool of the roller, and the SSR260AC-8 has been further strengthened on the structural parts, whether it is the front frame side plate or the frame plate. The steel wheels and the rear frame are all functionally enhanced to increase their wear resistance and to accommodate more complex conditions.


Irrespective of the rugged terrain of the mountainous roads and the severe desertification frontier, SSR260AC-8 received all the orders, its roller compaction effect was 18% higher than that of competitive brands, its excellent configuration and the full-scale hydraulic technology of the 31st The equipment comes with unparalleled power.

SSR260AC-8 has been further strengthened on structural parts

New cab for more reliable operation

This roller has a high-end, fully-enclosed, three-stage vibration-attenuating cab, cab noise less than 84dB (A), industry-leading, ergonomic design, comfort and reliability, and the use of three-stage braking: driving brakes, stationed in Car brakes, emergency braking, safety and stability, around the operating position have the best working vision, after the vision of 1m × 1m.

All kinds of dangers are encountered and the situation does not change. It is safe and there is no worries.


New industrial design makes life easier

New industrial design makes maintenance easier and more convenient. After the main oil pump, maintenance is extremely convenient. Friction-free, life-long maintenance-free. There is no need to replace the friction discs regularly. This system can be maintenance-free for 1 year/1000 hours, greatly reducing maintenance costs and providing unmatched reliability.


The more so-called experience, the more trauma, the higher the maintenance cost. On this airframe, it completely rewrites this saying. It does a good job, does not speak much, is not easy to be bad, and is not bad. The body said.


Inside and outside cultivation skills

Sany focused on hydraulic technology for 21 years. With its superior product quality and first-class after-sales service, Sany won unanimous recognition at home and abroad. The products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions and have participated in numerous national key projects. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway, one of the "100-year-long global projects", the Three Gorges Dam, the "world's largest water conservancy hub," and the Luoxidu Hydropower Station, the backbone of the "West-to-East Electricity Transmission Project," have achieved extreme strength in conquering the extreme environment and have achieved " The leader in hydraulic technology."

At present, Sany's full-hydraulic 26-ton roller has joined the 31st e-commerce hot direct sales, enjoy multiple benefits, buy it and earn! (This article is from Trinity)

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1. Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we are the professional manufacturer set up in 1992, located at a beautiful town of Zhejiang Province.

2. Can you provide the oversea service?

Yes, after the machines arrive at your factory, we will arrange engineers go to install the machine and train your operators.

3. Can we visit your factory?

Of course. We highly welcome clients come to visit our factory. It will be our great honor to meet you.

4. How can you guarantee the quality?

100% qualified products before the delivery. The clients can inspect the products at our factory.

1 year warranty ( failure caused by machine quality ) from the equipment arrive at the client`s factory. Lifetime maintenance and offer for the spare parts.


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