· Shenlong 1.2THP exit engine will be airborne normalized

With the continued sales of the 1.2THP turbocharged direct injection engine in the European market, the engine produced by the Shenlong company's Xiangyang plant has been in short supply. On March 10, 2022 export engines were successfully rolled off the EB workshop of the Xiangyang factory and sent to Europe by air. This is the second batch of airlift delivery tasks for the Fuyang plant since the beginning of the year.
It is understood that after the Shenyang plant received the emergency order from the PSA Group on March 6, the various departments of the factory responded quickly. The workshops, logistics, equipment support, technology, quality inspection and other departments urgently held the second air transportation start-up meeting, from production, Inspection, transportation, packaging and other aspects were discussed again, consensus was reached, and air transport order production rules were formulated to ensure the successful completion of the air cargo engine mission.
EB production center for the speciality of air transport engines, reasonable arrangements for personnel, positions, all production lines start "11 hours + 11 hours" double shift production, Saturday and Sunday overtime to catch fire. The equipment support division, quality inspection, and process technicians are on call 24 hours a day, providing efficient line-side services to escort the export engine mission for quality and quantity. Through the cooperation of various departments, the factory successfully completed the air delivery task of the second batch of 2022 engines.
It is reported that the 1.2THP export engine air transportation will be normalized in the future, and the Shenlong Xiangyang factory will work with all departments to actively respond to ensure high-quality delivery of export engines.

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