China's drying equipment sales market moved west

The overall development trend of drying equipment in China is good, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign countries. At present, domestic enterprises still focus on mid-to-low-end product customers. The development presents several obvious features. The desiccant equipment industry wants to have a lower level with foreign products. In the future, Chinese enterprises must continuously strengthen their efforts in technology research and development.
The successful use of intelligent control technology for high-grade foreign drying equipment has led to a further improvement in the technical level of drying equipment. The development of eco-friendly drying equipment products has also become an important task for the company. The application of energy-saving technologies and mechatronic technologies has reached the point where they must face each other. Using ergonomic design to improve the operation of intelligence, reduce noise and vibration, pay more attention to the appearance of the design requirements.

Westward shift of the sales market From the current point of view, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang have experienced rapid economic growth in the early years, and their overall economic strength is strong. Therefore, the consumption of drying equipment in the region has been at the forefront of the domestic market. With the further extension of China's expressways, the development of the western region will make the central and western regions become new investment hot spots.

The competition is even fiercer. Our local companies can stick to their own camps in the future. In the long run, improving technology and transitioning from simple quality marketing to brand marketing will be the focus of work for each company in the future. The enthusiasm and performance of many well-known foreign companies that have increased their investment in the Chinese market have also proved that the drying equipment industry in China currently has enormous potential for development. After foreign companies enter China in a joint venture in previous years, it is expected that foreign companies will invest in foreign investment in the future. The general tends to sole proprietorship, will tend to localize in production organization, and will tend to medium-to-high-end products in product positioning.

Domestic drying equipment companies should recognize the development trend of the industry, and while consolidating their own fields, they should steadily move forward and seize one market in the fierce market competition.

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