China's delay in the development of non-road high-power diesel engines

In mid-November 2011, the Henan Science and Technology Department held a demonstration meeting for major science and technology projects in Henan Province in China . China's one-stop application for the development of non-road high - power diesel engines passed the expert's demonstration.

The expert team of the demonstration team consists of Ma Chaochen, deputy chairman of the High-power Diesel Branch of the China Internal Combustion Engine Association, Zeng Ke, a professor at the School of Energy and Power Engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Li Xinghu, a professor at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Director of Science and Technology Department of Henan Province, Jia Yue, Deputy Director Zhang Daimin, Deputy Mayor of Luoyang City, Yang Ping, China’s First Leader Yan Linjiao and Guo Zhiqiang attended the meeting.

At the demonstration meeting, Jia Yue said that the high-power diesel engine belongs to the key tasks of the agricultural equipment field proposed by Henan Provincial Independent Innovation System Construction and Development Plan and the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Development in Henan Province”. It is a good solution to the major technological “bottleneck” of the agricultural machinery industry, which is dominated by high-powered tractors, and has greatly improved the industrial technology level and core competitiveness.

The Group of Experts listened to the report on the status of the project initiated by China, reviewed project declarations, feasibility study reports, budget declarations, and other technical documents, and conducted inquiries on relevant issues. The expert group believes that for the non-road high-power diesel engines in the domestic market, they are mainly dependent on the import status. The project has researched technologies such as turbocharged intercooling, exhaust gas recirculation, and electronically controlled common rails for non-road diesel engines, improving product development platforms and integrating Develop energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, non-road high-power diesel engines with independent intellectual property rights. The product performance has reached the leading domestic and international level. It has formed a national brand with independent intellectual property rights, promoted technological advancement in the industry, and promoted the structure of agricultural machinery products from low-end to high-end The adjustment is of practical significance; the project meets the requirements of relevant special plans and industrial technology policies, and the emission is up to Euro IIIA and has good social environmental benefits; China One as the reporting unit has the supporting conditions for the economy, technology, talent and equipment of the project. .

It is understood that the "Development of Non-Road High-Power Diesel Engines" submitted by China is one of the 22 major storage projects of the major scientific and technological special projects recently enlisted by the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and it is a key industry category for the key development of Henan Province.

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