The main features and technical indicators of smart pressure transmitter

The smart pressure transmitter is a meter that accepts proportional conversion of the pressure variable to a standard output signal. It can convert the physical pressure parameters, such as gas and liquid, sensed by the load cell sensors into standard electrical signals (such as 4-20mADC, etc.) to provide secondary instruments such as alarm indicators, recorders, and regulators for measurement and indication. And process adjustments.

Smart pressure transmitter main features:

1. Super measurement performance for pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, flow measurement;

2, digital accuracy: + (-) 0.05%;

3, stability: 0.25% 60 months;

4, turndown ratio: 100:1;

5, measurement rate: 0.2S;

6, small (2.4kg) stainless steel flange, easy to install;

7. The process connection is compatible with other products to achieve ideal measurement;

8. The only sensor (patented technology) using H alloy sheath in the world achieves excellent cold and thermal stability;

9, using 16-bit computers;

10, standard 4-20mA, with digital signals based on HART protocol, remote control support fieldbus and field-based control technology upgrades.

Smart Pressure Transmitter Specifications:

1, the use of objects: liquids, gases and vapors;

2, the measurement range: 0-7000 ~ 40000kPa;

3, the output signal: 4 ~ 20mADC (special for four-wire system); 220VAC power supply, 0 ~ 10mADC output;

4, power supply: 12 ~ 45VDC, generally 24VDC;

5, load characteristics: with the power supply, at a certain supply voltage with load capacity; load impedance RL and power supply voltage Vs relationship: RL ≤ 50 (Vs-12);

6. Indication table: pointer linear indication 0~100% scale and LCD liquid crystal display;

7, explosion-proof level: a: explosion-proof type (ExdIIBT5 or ExdIICT6); b: intrinsically safe type (ExiaIICT6 or ExibIICT6);

8, range and zero: external continuously adjustable;

9. Positive and negative migration: After the zero point is undergoing positive or negative migration, the absolute values ​​of the upper limit value and lower limit value of the range and measurement range cannot exceed 100% of the upper limit of the measurement range. The maximum positive migration is 500% of the minimum calibration range; the maximum negative migration is 600% of the minimum calibration range;

10, temperature range: operating temperature range: -20 ~ +88 °C;

Smart pressure transmitter

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