·Sichuan Province unified tourist passenger vehicle logo

On January 4, 2016, the reporter learned from the Road Transportation Administration of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation that the main body of the province's unified tourist passenger transport vehicle is Sichuan's latest tourist image LOGO - Sichuan, not only the panda; in the upper right corner of the main body, It is the word "tourist passenger transport". The relevant person in charge of the Road Transportation Administration of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation stated that unifying the province's tourism vehicle logo is conducive to improving tourism standardization, strengthening the supervision of the tourist passenger transport market, and enhancing the safety and image of tourist passenger transport.

Sichuan tourist passenger vehicles use the new logo

Whether the management of tourist passenger vehicles is in place has always been an important factor affecting tourism safety. However, due to the uneven development of the tourist passenger transport market in Sichuan Province, there has been a lack of uniform tourist passenger vehicle marking for a long time, which is not conducive to the identification and supervision of tourists and related departments, so that some “black cars” can be taken advantage of. To this end, the "Regulations on the Regulation of the Market in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China (2014-2016)" specifically pointed out that the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation took the lead in unifying the identification of tourist passenger vehicles in Sichuan Province.

Now, on the front windshield of tourist passenger vehicles in Sichuan Province and the rear windshield of more than 15 passenger cars, tourists and regulators see the latest tourist image LOGO “Sichuan, not only only pandas” as the main body, the upper right corner reads The four-character logo of "tourist passenger transport" can confirm that the car is a regular tourist passenger vehicle. In addition to the unified logo, the province's tourism transportation has also introduced a lot of "intimate" moves. Nowadays, small group tours and customized tours have become the choice of more and more tourists. In 2015, Sichuan Province issued an incentive policy to support the development of small tourist buses, and successively launched small passenger cars to the market. At present, the province has reached 670 small tourist buses. In recent years, in order to better meet the needs of travel agencies, the province has also actively explored the establishment of a unified tourist passenger transport in Chengdu, Leshan, Ganzi, Aba and Liangshan in order to better meet the needs of travel agencies. The supervision network is operated to implement unified dispatch and unified supervision of tourist buses in the three cities.

The strictest law enforcement guarantees the safety of tourists

Tourism traffic safety has always received much attention from the society. Strengthening the rectification of the tourism transportation market has always been an important part of Sichuan Province's legal governance. In 2015, in response to the continuous occurrence of tourist transportation accidents, the Provincial Communications Department, in conjunction with the public security, safety supervision, tourism, and industrial and commercial departments, concentrated on the special rectification of tourist chartered passenger transportation during the period from June to the end of October, requiring 12 months to have Tourist passengers who have recorded more than three times of speeding violations have ceased their employment activities; satellite positioning has always been a safe umbrella for tourists. In order to prevent tourists from deliberately shielding satellite positioning devices, Sichuan Province has imposed this behavior once and suspended the driver. Study for 1 month of treatment; if there are 3 illegal acts, they will be counted in the “blacklist” management and the business license of the vehicle will be recovered. Infinite scenery is at the peak, and the roads leading to beautiful scenery such as Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, and Daocheng Aden often need to pay attention to safety. In order to prevent the driver of the tourist vehicle from speeding, in 1 month, if the number of vehicles exceeding 20% ​​of the speed exceeds 10% of the total number of vehicles in the enterprise, the company will stop the business passenger transportation for one month and stop the new business for one month. .

In addition to punishment, supervision is not lax. In 2015, the Road Transportation Administration of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation further improved the “Passenger Passenger Transport Management System”. When issuing the chartered passenger transport sign, it insisted on using the chartered vehicle system to strictly examine the business scope of the carrier, the vehicle road transport permit, and the driver’s qualification. Relevant information such as certificates, operating plans and chartered contracts. In addition, Sichuan Province has also established a system of inspections and inspections. If there are all kinds of illegal acts in the travel charter, the next time you are not allowed to issue the class. If there is a speeding of more than 20% and the tourist passenger transport enterprise does not handle the driver, the relevant departments shall not issue a dispatched car or line card.

Multi-pronged approach to improve the quality of tourism transportation services

With the approach of the Spring Festival Golden Week, the order of the tourist passenger market has once again become a topic of concern to the industry. In 2016, what new actions did Sichuan Province have in improving the quality of tourism transportation services? The relevant person in charge of the Road Transportation Administration of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation said: In 2016, it will make full use of 3G video to strengthen operational monitoring and establish a long-term effect of “doing non-treatment”. The mechanism will speed up the exploration and establishment of a tourism chartering and passenger transport supervision platform in Sichuan Province.

In 2016, Sichuan Province will continue to promote the installation of 3G video surveillance for tourist passenger vehicles, and make full use of 3G video to enhance vehicle operation monitoring; the provincial transportation department will unite with the public security, safety supervision, tourism and other departments to study and formulate the unified passenger vehicles of the Nine Ring Road as soon as possible. The speed limit standard and check to urge all tourist passenger transport companies to use the same speed limit standard. The Jiuhuang line is the most lively area in the tourism and transportation industry in Sichuan Province, and naturally requires more supervision. In 2015, Sichuan Province will study and establish a joint security checkpoint for the Jiuhuang line, set up law enforcement card slots in Maoxian and Songpan, equip with relevant law enforcement personnel, implement a mandatory signing system for tourist buses, strengthen the safety inspection of tourist passenger vehicles, and establish a tourist passenger transport market. Governing violations of the "normalized working mechanism" and earnestly safeguarding the normal order of the Jiuhuang line tourist passenger transport market.

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