China National Heavy Duty Truck Installation Beidou Navigation System SITRAK First Installation

On January 21, 2013, the Department of Road and Transportation of the Ministry of Transport and China National Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. signed the Beidou Navigation Cooperation Agreement. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group will take the lead in installing some BeiDou compatible satellite positioning vehicle-mounted terminals in accordance with relevant national standards on some trucks, and will play a better role in demonstrating and leading in the automobile manufacturing industry. It will promote the safety, energy saving, environmental protection and standardization of road transport vehicles. The direction of development, accelerate the modernization of road transport equipment to achieve transformation and upgrading.

Minister of Transport Yang Chuantang, Vice Governor of Shandong Province Zhang Jianguo, Director of Road and Transportation Department of Ministry of Transport Li Gang, Director of Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation Jia Xueying, Vice Mayor of Jinan Wang Xinwen, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Party Committee of China National Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. Ma Chunji, General Manager Cai Dong, and Chief Engineer Wang Shanpo attended the signing ceremony. Cai Dong and Li Gang signed the cooperation agreement. China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. took the lead in installing the Beidou-compatible satellite positioning vehicle-mounted terminal that complies with the relevant national standards on trucks for suspension and transportation of recommended models and the cooperation with German MAN to develop models.

At the same time, in the installation of Beidou-compatible vehicle-mounted terminals that meet the relevant national standards, scientific arrangements are made and continued to be promoted so that the industry can take the lead in applying them. First, it will strictly select and install Beidou compatible vehicle-mounted terminals, and do a good job of matching vehicles. Second, we will take the lead in installing the recommended models for suspension and suspension, as well as heavy-duty trucks and semitrailer tractors based on German Mann Technology development. Third, on the basis of the success of the aforementioned work, from the point of view and surface, all heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailer tractors newly entering the transport markets of the demonstration provinces will gradually meet this requirement.

Accompanied by CNHTC leaders, Yang Chuantang and his party visited the engine production line of Sinotruk Jinan Power Division. In the product showroom of Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., they visited SITRAK tractors equipped with Beidou-compatible vehicle-mounted terminals. Yang Chuantang is pleased to enter the SITRAK brand of China National Heavy Duty Truck. Heavy truck feel driving.

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