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Water truck (yuenshuiche)
"Classification of Motor Vehicles and Trailers" GB/T15089-2001
The current new standard GB/T3730.1-2001 replaces the old standard GB/T3730.1-1988;
The current new standard GB/T15089-2001 replaces the old standard GB/T15089-1994.
“Types and Definitions of Vehicle and Trailer Types” GB/T 3730.1-2001 is a generic classification applicable to general concepts, statistics, licenses, insurance, government policies and management basis; “Classification of Motor Vehicles and Trailers” GB/ T15089-2001 is mainly used for type certification, and is the basis for the scope of application of type-approved technical regulations.
The promulgation of these two new national standards establishes the concepts of passenger cars and commercial vehicles on the basis of division by purpose. In addition, there are classifications of cars in the old abolition standards, and the current standard cancels the terminology of cars. However, considering that the term “car” is widely used in our country, in the current classification, the models that were considered to belong to cars in the past were basically classified in the category of basic passenger cars. Its purpose is not to deviate from the concept of people in the past, causing confusion.
In the past, some Cherokee models were included in the sedan category, and some Cherokee and low-priced SUVs such as the Great Wall Sev were clearly included in the light buses. It is obviously unreasonable. Now belong to a class.
1. The basic concepts are defined as follows: Water trucks are classified by functions as watering trucks. They are generally used for transporting water in projects. Sprinklers can be divided into greening, cleaning, transporting water for construction, spraying water on roads, and fire sprinklers can also be used for fire emergency. .
2. Sprinkler: Also known as the greening sprayer and water tanker, it consists of the chassis, inlet and outlet systems and tanks. According to different use environments and purposes, there are a variety of spray and water transport functions. The multifunctional sprinkler integrates a variety of functions and can be specially adapted to the user's requirements.
3. Optional configuration: The prices of sprinklers vary from place to place in all parts of the country. Standard configuration sprinkler (greening sprayer, water tanker): front shower, side spray; high side shower; rear working platform with green sprinkler, can be adjusted into a column, with a range of ≥ 28m; can also be adjusted to fog Shape, range ≥15m. Optional medicine tray, fight drugs machine. It can also install advanced facilities such as medicine discs, drug pumps, anti-corrosion and anti-rust in the tank, multi-directional inlet and outlet water connections, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, etc. to meet the needs of different users.
4, water tanker, also known as water tanker, with transport and water supply functions, can be installed hot water, drinking water, to meet different users in different use of the environment. It is equipped with a dedicated high-power sprinkler pump with a national leading quality, with fire joints, self-flow valve, self-priming function, and can be equipped with electric pumps, hot water pumps, and stainless steel pumps.

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