Small assembly of imported cars begins to enter the market

The advantage of the overhaul of the car is that it is compressed at the factory car day, which improves the running efficiency of the car. In order to combine the current repair system in China and maximize the running efficiency of the car, we propose a new repair method: the small assembly exchange repair method. Utilize our country's unique repairing skills to provide a small assembly of imported cars into the market by repairing old waste, or by importing old parts, and change the “new” to old ones. This “new” means that the functions have been restored after maintenance. The small assembly. In this way, it is economically very cost-effective. With these concepts, we can conduct a more detailed analysis of the market.

Imported cars from the use to the overhaul experience from unknown to master the performance of the understanding process. On the whole, each new model of imported car will always require a one- or two-year understanding phase. During this period, almost all repair parts will be imported. This is mainly a type A component. After this stage of understanding, it is expected that Maintain a golden period of 4 to 5 years of operation. Although the maintenance of parts is also a considerable increase, as long as the relevant links with the good, generally will not affect the imported vehicles to play its function.

Heavy trucks for mines may need to be renewed in 6-8 years. Small buses may operate normally for 15 years and should be considered in conjunction with different types of vehicles and their quality. A major repair should be carried out during the entire life cycle, and it is best not to perform the second overhaul and then to scrap. The practice of international trade is that within 10 years after the supply of a car or within 10 years after its shutdown, the exporting country shall assume the obligation to supply repair parts. In fact, it is not economical to replace new parts, especially replacement parts, in the final stages of the life cycle of imported vehicles, and there is no need to import maintenance parts. Numerous examples show that the import and supply departments will take great risks to operate such model accessories that will be eliminated.

The SPR Sump Slurry Pump is a vertical, centrifugal and Single Casing Pump. Which design with elastomer covered components makes it ideal for corrosive, non-edge angle and high density slurries. It is available in a wide range of popular sizes to suit these applications: minerals processing, coal preparation, effluent handling, chemical processing, sand and gravel and general tank, pit or hole-in-ground slurry applications. With no any shaft seal or sealing water, the pump can also be operated normally even when there is insufficient slurry getting to the suction side.

Product Feature

1.Available in various standard lengths to suit common sump depths, a suction extension pipe can be fitted to the bottom inlet to extend the depth of the pump.

2.The Impeller is double suction half-open structure.

3.The pump inlet has three type construction: standard type with strainer, suction pipe with strainer, with agitator.

4.Two driving modes of the pump : Direct drive, V-belt drive .

SPR Sump Slurry Pump

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