Electronic scale industry dares to innovate to win

Electronic scale industry dares to innovate to win Since entering the 21st century, new developments have been made in the manufacture and application of electronic weighing instruments. Electronic scale weighing technology has evolved from static weighing to dynamic weighing: the measurement method has evolved from analog to digital measurement; measurement characteristics have evolved from single-parameter measurement to multi-parameter measurement, especially for the study of rapid weighing and dynamic weighing. application.

However, on the whole, there are still gaps between the number and quality of electronic weighing devices in China and industrial advanced countries. The major gaps are the lack of advanced technologies and processes, the aging of process equipment and test meters, the lack of development capabilities, and the variety of products. Less, incomplete, poor stability and reliability.

Therefore, only companies that are committed to innovation in the electronic scale industry and continue to promote industrial upgrading can survive and develop, and enterprises can seek new developments and new improvements. At the same time, we must also develop human resources because human resources are an inexhaustible source of business development.

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